Monday, March 21, 2011

Squiggles + Resin = Awesome

I've had this 2-part resin sitting here in the kitchen for weeks.  It was there next to the sad little bezels that were waiting to be made into something interesting.  I've been thinking multi-media lately and wanted to come up with something really interesting and unique  But, there's so much potential "stuff" to put into the resin that I was feeling a little lost.  Last night, though, I had a breakthrough.  Next to the resin and the empty bezels I had a tray filled with some practice steel wire squiggles that I'm planning to use for links and whathaveyou.  It became obvious right then that one of those little squiggles would be just right for the bezel and then I could get a nice three-dimensional look with the resin.  


My new cool results...

I ended up with a couple of overflows and a couple of air bubbles...those will be my pendant to work with.  Overall, though, I'm thrilled and now I have to go find some more bezels to cheer up with my squiggles!

I put the good ones into my Etsy shop.  :)


  1. Serendipity leads to some cool discoveries! These are really great.

  2. Cool! I have some resins sitting here... need to find some time to play with it. :)

  3. So now I'm the only one who still has a pack of resin, unopened and awaiting my first attempt? Maybe this weekend! The squiggles are great!

  4. Very cool, Jen! Would you believe I have a few squiggle-filled bezels sitting here as well, but I never get myself motivated to go a step further and add the resin! A blank bezel is a tough one - like a blank page waiting to be filled. Sometimes the possibilities are overwhelming. Your pieces turned out perfect and love the pictures as well!

  5. Awesome indeed. I keep meaning to get some resin and experiment. I think you might have just pushed me over the edge! Where did you get yours and what type/brand is it?

  6. Those are really cute! I've just started playing with resin too. The world of options of what to put in bezels really is. . .overwhelming. You've done it successfully!


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