Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Nan: A Soldier's Protection

This is a great, long necklace...something a little different from my usual. My friend, Chris, wanted to do something special for his girlfriend before she left for a tour in Iraq for a few months. He really wanted to focus on the things she loves and finds special..she has Cherokee heritage, so she finds special meaning in stones and crystals. I did some research on stones to come up with this combination especially for her. It includes:

  • Jade - for protection, healing, love, and power. It can also signify beauty, generosity, and purity.

  • Jasper - for loyalty and inner strength. It also protects...from other people, outside forces and even from yourself. I used Ocean Jasper because of the great variety of colors & patterns

  • Agate - for protection & healing. It fosters love, courage, bravery, and strength. I used Cherry Agate nuggets with rich orange tones.

  • Carnelian - "a stone of action" that increases physical energy, personal power, confidence, motivation, concentration, boldness, initiative, emotional warmth, sociability, creativity, curiosity, compassion, courage.

  • Red seed beads because in the Cherokee culture, red symbolizes "East" which means "success, triumph."

I focused on the number seven, as well, because for the Cherokee, seven is the most sacred number which represents the seven directions in life.

Because she won't be able to wear it in uniform, I made some smaller charms with the same stones so she can add them to her dogtag chain to derive the same spiritual guidance and protection.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Martylee

These bright green pretties are named after my friend Susan's Aunt... I wanted something bright and fun, so I have some funky jasper & chalcedony wired up with a mix of green glass beads all hung on silver. I love these!

Pretty turquoise & carnelian...all set up!

For my first posting here, I'm sharing a picture of a set I did this weekend featuring some great Chinese turquoise and some bright orange carnelian. I love these squiggly sterling beads, too. I'm usually not a matchity mcmatcherson kind of girl, but I love the whole earring-bracelet-choker deal!


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