Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Few Dangles & A Little Bit O' Wire

While out on the beach, when I wasn't running through the "hills" of water or digging through shells with my nephews, I got to peruse my monthly dose of beading magazines. My favorite design from this batch was in the August 2008 issue of Bead&Button magazine. It's a set of earrings featuring a simple wire frame, in a circle, closed with a headpin that features a pearl. It's called a "quick-and-easy" project, but more importantly, it immediately drove my creative process into overdrive thinking of how I could use this pretty, balanced shape in some of my own ways. So, thanks to the designer, Melanie Hazen, for this great inspiration!
I used the basic round frame and finished it with a funky-shaped quartz piece. Then, to summer it up, I added some wire-wrapped loops featuring some of my Hawaiian bead stash--mother of pearl and shell flowers. It's not my normal esthetic, but I love the imbalanced balance of the whole thing. Of course, I kept it casual on leather since that's the jenjudd way. :)

Ceramic Conspiracy...

I took some time off from my basement design studio and spent a week at the beach with my family. It was a wonderful time for relaxing and getting lots of sand in lots of places. I had plenty of quality time with my crazy nephews and still squeezed in a little shopping at the local Outer Banks bead shops.

On one rainy morning, I found a craft show at a local high school and saw these great ceramic beads as soon as I walked in the door. They are brightly colored and rustic and fun and chunky and I loved them immediately!! I wandered over to the man working the booth with my hands full of them and he finally realized my need for some baggies with a laugh. Then, he proceeded to explain the conspiracies going on in Washington that I needed to look out for...hence, the "ceramic conspiracy" beads. I would normally get the name of the artist, but didn't get to this time based on our strange conversation. (He also made homemade peanut butter in his blender that morning.)

I have visions of these beads in lots of places, but my first take is for some funky keychains. I love my leather, so I used that as my base and threw in some recycled glass and wood bits for a very pleasing result!!


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