Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dorks & Champagne

I haven't been out and about in blog and crafty land much lately but it's for a good reason...
My husband is home!

We had a fantastic weekend in Baltimore when after he arrived at BWI.  We stayed at the Hotel Monaco which is just gorgeous in and of itself and even moreso when there's a man in a zebra robe with a bottle of champagne ready!      

We're not going to be living in the same place for at least another year or so, but at least he's only a few hours away now.  He was here this weekend and I got him to help with some more copper etching experiments.  He's sort of a dork, so he was excited with all the acid and chemical reactions and such.  He became very skilled with the steel wool and even oooohd and aaaaahd at the right times when I started playing with a torch and different heat effects.  

Add that to the fact that we take a traveling Scrabble out with us and play at bars and restaurants and you'll understand that we are both dorks.  I guess that's how we ended up together.  haaaaaaaaa  p.s. I usually beat him at Scrabble.  :)


  1. SO happy that your Sweety is home safe and sound. Hope the year apart flies by.

  2. What a cheerful post. Thanks.

    Welcome home.

  3. So cute, girlie! I'm glad he's home safe and you are semi-together again!!!!

  4. Welcome home hunny! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  5. So glad he's home safe and sound! Glad to hear he'll be within driving distance for you! Hopefully this year will fly by!

  6. That photo of your gorgeous hunk of a man just makes me happy... from the obvious joy on his face, to the zebra robe to that shining wedding band on his finger. And to know that he is bringing you much joy makes my heart sing! Enjoy the day!

  7. Such a sweet post & tell him I think he really rocked the zebra bathrobe look...not many can! ;)
    I have a great idea for the 2 of you,
    on facebook there is a game called word tornado. It's scrabble, but you get to play real people, you two could play when he's not home. 1 game every night, just to keep connected.
    I'm addicted & play way too much, but I got my daughter to start playin her boyfriend in SF & they love it. We aren't DORKS, we just know how to SPELL! lol

  8. Stopping over from the Soup, but I saw this and laughed. We take Scrabble very seriously at our house, it is like a full contact sport! Power to the dorks!

  9. dork or not....hubby's defly a hottie!! beautiful smile, obviously has a great sense of humor, and he can spell! what more could a woman want???



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