Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Still Rockin'

Life is good!

I have been busy living it!

I really can't apologize for not posting on my blog, since that's against the unspoken/unwritten code of bloggers to never feel guilty.  Ooops, just wrote that!  But, I got a wonderfully sweet email from an old friend/artisan-mentor of mine because she was worried about me as my on-line presence has been so slight.  Man, oh, man, I can't even tell you how much it meant to me to hear from her!  She taught me the joys of polymer clay and experimentation that has carried through all my creative endeavors.

So, a few updates.  I have been busy with my hands.  I love the feel of fiber on my fingers.  I found this fabulous lumpy bumpy yarn while shopping in San Antonio over Memorial Day weekend and have since gone on-line and found a dozen different colorways.  I also joined and found this fabulous pattern from Cocoknits that I've made over and over.  This colorway is called Wildflowers and it's my favorite:

Then I found my way to this Malabrigo Rasta yarn.  It's literally so luxurious and luscious you'll want to lick it!!!  I found a lovely pattern on Ravelry, here and tried it.  Then, I realized I'm a COMPLETE nerd because I actually successfully modified the pattern to do it in the round!  Both of my grandmothers would be so proud! 
 My constant companions are around helping me stay motivated...Frankie and Brando are the best.  I have to pick all the white hairs out of every finished project, but I still love having them snuggled around while I work.
I have a few more stories to tell, but I need to get back to another project while watching random TV shows taped from weeks ago.

Much love and inspiration to all of you!!!


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