Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marcie, Margie, & Me

My first Margie & Me project.  Sure, it happened by accident, but apparently serendipity is in my creative corner lately so I'm just going to go with it!  I often wonder if things just pop out of my mind by themselves or if I picked up the ideas while wandering around and they went into little parts of my brain and even though I don't really know they're there, they appear somehow either on my worktable in wire or beads or even in my day job solving problems and doing lots of paperwork to document solving those problems...even bureaucracy benefits from creativity once in a while. 

Anyway, Marcie posted a sweet compliment yesterday and pointed out my recent bracelet and how it is perfectly in line with this month's Margie & Me challenge.  

The main color for March is yellow... 
Marcie used this Van Gogh painting to pull a palette together for inspiration:

See?  It's my glass bead festivus on memory wire!  There are other details about the challenge and the color inspirations over on this post from Marcie

Another cool thing about my blog relationship with Marcie is that this month I have a pair of earrings in the spring issue of Stringing feature a set of her beaded YELLOW!

Yeah, I know I posted about all these before, but now I'm looking around for yellows and it's just too cool to have this link with another creative mind like Marcie's!!!!  


  1. I love memory wire but whenever I try to make bracelets with it, they seem too tightly coiled, not as bangle looking as yours. And idea what I might be doing wrong? And where do you get your cool tubing?

  2. I love this color pallet, love the idea of taking the colors of out a painting. So glad I found your blog :)

  3. Hey Jen Judd, love the bracelet! I love the earrings too! I'm not much of a yellow person, myself, but your creations are spot on!

  4. Gorgeous and bang on with the colour palette.
    Deb x

  5. And where do you get your cool tubing?

    I was wondering the same thing.

  6. This is amazingly perfect! I love it!


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