Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dreaming in Green...

I'm finally back in the creative saddle!! Well, it's actually just my crummy old cat-hair-covered office chair down in the basement, but still...

I spent the weekend up in Philly at WireFest a few days back and in addition to learning some wonderful wire ring basics from Michael David Sturlin (which I'll post more about later), I got in some good shopping at the bead market. I kept myself relatively controlled this time and only came home with about a TON of quartz! haaaaaaaaaa I picked up these mosaic-looking round beads that feature reconstituted turquoise. I just love them! Plus, these "petals" of lemony-limey quartz are just wonderfully smooth and just cried out for me to touch and use them.

And I had to use them more than can see these pieces for sale on my Etsy site. Look at the right side of this post on my blog site and you'll see the Etsy gallery!

Monday, May 11, 2009

All Work and No Play!

I promised myself I'd focus on business, so no creating for the last two weeks. It's terrible!! I feel like I'm going through withdrawal! But, another great show in Ballston this weekend, lots of new display ideas, and finally some progress with the accountant. I guess that's part of the deal when you accidentally turn a hobby into a business. haaaaaaaaSpeaking of business, Here's my partner in big, fun jewels, Susi D., and I looking all fresh at the start of the day on Saturday at Ballston. Many thanks to my sweet Ma who was here for Mother's Day weekend and her help with the tent. It's like a giant puzzle that two people cannot do themselves--especially two people who have had too much coffee and are more excited about pretty beads than boring white tents!!

See those cool display cards? There was some serious delivery deadline drama last week! Between Vistaprint, UPS, and whatever neighbor thought they might be interesting to look at before bringing them back to my house, I was running around (with much help from my Ma) on Friday night frantically punching holes and setting up pendants. All that craziness was worth it because when the wind blew the table over and everything still looked good laying on the ground! haaaaaaaaaaaaa

And, I can't post without thanking all my super friends who came out to support us on Saturday!! I can't tell you how much your support means to me!!!! When I have shows in Alabama, are you going to come visit??? haaaaaaaaaaaa


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