Thursday, May 16, 2013

Waiting 'Til the Last Minute

It finally hit me yesterday.
I'm done here in Hampton.
All my belongings are in boxes or wrapped in blankets on a truck.
I've eaten my last meals at my favorite local restaurants.
I'm spending my last few days with my buds.
I'm leaving behind a man who's willing to take care of my cats, even when they're cranky.
I'm handing off work projects I didn't finish.
I'm starting to get sad. 

At the same time, I'm really, really excited.
I get to move into a big new house next week.
I get to meet tons of new people in the biggest job challenge of my career.
I get to eat meals at fabulous new restaurants.
I get to hang out with Ma (who just reminded me her birthday's coming up!)
Am I crazy?  

I don't think so.  
I think I'm totally normal.  
Maybe I'll cry.  
Maybe I won't.  
Either way, I'm marking the end of an amazing experience and the beginning of a new one.  
It's not supposed to be easy!
Luckily I have about 70 boxes of "crafts" and "decor" to help me get through it!  haaaaaaaaa

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Week 19: Capturing Hope

Hope:  to cherish a desire with anticipation; to expect with confidence.
What a perfect word for this I am living deep with anticipation of the HHG (household goods...everything has to have an acronym) pack and pickup next week.  I am down to less that two weeks left until I say goodbye to my Langley family and start my Charleston adventure.

I hope for the continued success of my wonderful team here in Virginia...we've worked hard on so many things and have (for the most part) stayed positive through it all.  I can't believe I've been in that office for three whole years...and now I have to start closing it all out and handing it off...I hope it goes smoothly!  

I hope I can keep my sense of humor through the next two weeks.  I almost had a nervous breakdown when I saw a bug on my windshield the other night while driving through a tunnel.  Uh...seriously?  Relax.  I got the bug out and got home safe and sound, but it made me realize just how nuts I've gotten. Plus, stress makes me get weird rashes and I don't need any more of those!  haaaaaaaa

I hope my cats enjoy the roadtrip next week with me and Ma.  They are not happy travelers.  Heck, I hope my Ma enjoys the roadtrip with the cats!

Cherished anticipation.  Excitement.  Awesome.  
52 week badge

Friday, May 3, 2013

Week 18 - Abstraction...Caution

Sally's prompt for this week was one simple word:  abstract.

While out running (or, I could more correctly describe it as barely jogging/walking) on Tuesday with my ACC/A1 family, I noticed for the hundredth time this stack of stuff near the running path.  It's a bunch of sandbags and security blocks for when things go awry on base. I've always liked the way everything's tumbled together behind the fence...all there just in case.  I love the lines and the pop of orange. So, while the shot's not totally abstract in appearance, it's  an abstract interpretation of readiness for anything...throwing caution (tape) to the wind!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Week 17 - Can't Get Enough Color

My Week 17 picture is all about color and the joy I had making a mess with it at Art & Soul in Virginia Beach!  This was my Friday class: "Tango with Acrylics" with Sandra Duran Wilson.  It was awesome.

I've been getting into painting more and more and really want to be able to add depth to my two-dimensional work.  (Wait, that would make it less two-dimensional ... hmmmmmm).  We spent the entire day playing with various mix-in media that can be used with acrylic pigments to get all kinds of great effects.  My friends Bette & Laura were sitting in front of me and Bronwyn was sharing my table.  Sandra gave us excellent direction on all the various "white pastey things" we could use to create new textures and glazes and such.  Then we had plenty of time to play.  As you can see from my tidy workspace, I had a bit of fun trying out various techniques with all my favorite colors.  I ended up with a few great journal pages and lots of works-in-progress.  Plus, I took the paper from the table when I left because it was one of my favorite color mixes from the whole day!

And so I share it here, a week late, but with all the enthusiasm a Week 17 post can have!!!  
52 week badge


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