My Stuff in Magazines

I'm always thrilled to see something I've created in I'm keeping a record of them here!

Stringing - Spring 2011

Bead Trends - May 2011

Bead Trends - April 2011


Bead Trends - October 2010
Rustic Dangle Earrings...those shiny oak leaves on the cover!

Stringing - Fall 2010
Urban Escape Necklace

Stringing - Summer 2010
Necklaces: This Round's On Me, Simple Cut Elegance &
Turquoise is Always in Style
plus, two bracelets featuring honu beads

Creative Jewelry 2010
Yummy Lemonade Necklace

Bead Trends - July 2010
Voluptuous Waves Necklace


Stringing - Winter 2009
Super-Sized Glam Necklace...bringing
crystal to the cover

Project at Beading Daily - October 2009

Stringing - Summer 2009
Groovy a groooooovy cover shot!

Stringing - Spring 2009
Venetian Love Affair

Step by Step Wire - Spring 2009
Daring Squiggle Pendant
My very first published project!!!


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