Saturday, February 22, 2014

Week 8/52 - Hello COLOR!

I love colored pencils.
My stabilo pencil is my bff.
The eyes have it.
Big colored pages make me happy.
I sat by the pool and made faces.
Lots of them.
Tried some different styles.
All that while sitting by the pool.
It's back to real life today:

Email, work, pizza, performance reports, big trucks boys, work, and

Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 7/52 - Loving Family Adventure Collage

Valentine's weekend!
Ma and Pa arrived on Friday night.
They left 17 or so inches of snow behind.
Orlando-ready toes from my Moncks Corner pedi experience--"Coral Magic"
How a 42-year-old single lady with three cats her parents' backseat.
Aunt Sara's ready for us.
No work for eight days. 
(Uh, no "office" for eight is with me...gotta keep it real.)

Daddy loves having two of us in the car with him all day.
We only stop a few times to switch seats.
I get to be the "in city" driver.
Mom follows printed-out Mapquest directions.
I ignore her and use my phone.  :)
Sunshine State.  Palm trees. Swimming pools.
Mom's béarnaise sauce.
Dad reading in the corner.
Puzzle going on the table.
Time to go for a run.
I'm so lucky.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week 6/52 - Balanced Energy

Focused on the quiet calm.
Walking the pier at Folly.
Overcast skies and a chilly breeze.
A man walking ahead.
Waves constantly moving.
Ebb and flow.
Cute boots and tight jeans.
Fishing rod holders empty and anticipating summer.
Feeling together yet wondering why.
Smelling salty; tasting sweet.
Holding hands?
Murals of seagrass and shrimp.
Integrating old and new.
Accepting less.
Expecting more.


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