Saturday, May 30, 2015

Potential is Huge

It's official.  I have an awesome studio.
Sure, it's tiny, but the potential is huge.

I like to think that's kind of like my life right now...the potential is huge.  I am in the midst of some massive transitions, so keeping the focus on all the right things is challenging.  

Just yesterday, I was part of a formal ceremony at work called a Change of Command.  It's a military formation that involves the transition of power and responsibility in command of a unit from one person to another.  I am very proud to say that after two years, I am the one handing over the flag to someone new.  On a personal level, though, it has been very emotional as I experience the loss of my normal day-to-day existence and my squadron family.  There was no crying on stage yesterday--I had to screw my face up a few times, but made it through my remarks with all eyeliner intact.  I've shed a few tears at home alone since then in honor of those losses, but I'm trying to focus all that emotional energy on setting up what will be my new day-to-day existence.

It's hard, and I've crashed into the nap zone a couple of times already today, but we're getting there.  I went to the beach this morning and got some sun and sketched a bit.  When I think of the seeds that sketchbook can possibly generate in the studio I get excited.  Now, I just need to get up off the couch and go to the studio and work!

Shelby loves the big backdoor with the view of the deck.  She has to dig through a zillion half-finished ideas, but it works.  We planted a few flowers last weekend to carry the bright color and energetic feeling through to the outside.

Even in the evening, as the great light from outside dims, we can still make a nice mess inside.  Tonight, for instance, might be a good time to get on the six-pack of 12X12 wooden substrates that I have sitting in the middle of the table and start some collage work.  I need to capture the feelings of this weekend and since the cat's aren't very chatty, some fun glue time might be just the ticket!

It's time for me to exploit the potential of this space and the raw materials within.  That's what I want my new existence to look like, so I guess I just need to get up off the couch and make it happen!


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