Sunday, June 29, 2008


A few weeks ago I took a class from local artist Jeanette Blix up at Bead Obsessions in Old Town Alexandria...well, I finally got to use some of my new coiling skills!! I had an absolute blast today working next to Maddie on these great projects!!

First, here's an Egyptian coil in silver with some simple glass and stones. A really pretty aquamarine rock mixed up with some agate and a neat combination of a recycled glass roundel and a handmade glass disk. Threw it on a simple leather choker and love it!!

The next two pieces have some big lovely Lisa New handmade glass beads that are gorgeous!! I mixed them up with some other glass bits from around my table and some simple those Egyptian coils going and they came out beautifully!! Purple and green...a natural combination?? I love it!!
I went out jogging yesterday--I struggled a bit in the heat (even with some new shoes) but came back with an idea for these great glass flower-shaped beads I found down in Fredericksburg at BeadL*Jewlz. Since I feel more comfortable with wire, I did some wrapped loops on a few beads and strung them on another, bigger, wrapped loop that became the center of the flower. The end results were these great pendants!
Thanks for checking out my coilio goodies!!

A-muse-ing Maddie!

My good friends Mel & Maddie came to visit this week and brought lots of inspiration. Maddie worked hard on her creations at the table next to me and came up with some really fun summer goodies--some necklaces, bracelets and even a set of anklets for all of us. All that creative juice had us at the table for hours working on fun project after fun project...

Here's Maddie and I wearing some of our new creations...

We broke out all sorts of summer-y beads like coral and shell and beachy glass for all of our projects. I was really proud of how well Maddie worked with the different color families and textures and sizes of the beads--she's a jewelry artist at heart!! She is really proud of all her projects:

...even the ones we had to show off with our fuzzy toes!!!

Thanks to you guys for visiting and getting my creativity rolling this weekend!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bustin' Out

Again a long break from the beading table...and now I'm back!

I worked on projects for some lovely ladies at work. First, a fun charm bracelet featuring Brighton alphabet charms. I found all sorts of lovely glass to bring it all together--furnace beads, vintage Japanese beads, and some Lisa New handmade gems.

Then, more Lisa New glass combined with some random glass bits and sterling silver wire. I took a fantastic class a couple of weeks ago at my local bead shop, Bead Obsessions, in Old Town Alexandria, and learned an absolute ton of good stuff about working with wire from Jeannette Blix (link to her blog's on the left). I tried out some swirls and twists and hammering...only have one injury! haaaaaaaaa

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Nan's Necklace on!!

It's a big day for me! My first published project!!

Many thanks to Nan, still out there doing great things to support our troops. And, to Chris, for being the "sensitive" guy with plenty of good ideas. :)

Please check it out:

You can even download a free copy of the instructions so you can make one, too!

Friday, June 6, 2008

A Sis-Jen Cluster

I think watermelon and summer fruity when I see these stones. When I mix them up with some quartz and silver it's just a shiny juicy pleasure!
This piece was for a good friend's sister, Jen, to celebrate a milestone birthday...and she loved it!!
Here's what she said, "WOW!! Thank you so much, Jen. It is beautiful and perfect. Exactly what I wanted. It really made my day when I opened it."
How great is that??

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Please Help Me "Channel Cinderella"

I need your help, pretty please!! I've submitted an entry in the latest Stringing Magazine Challenge...and I need your vote!! It's posted as #25 in the on-line Stringing Challenge gallery at this link:

You can also see the work of my fellow beading artists, but remember your favorite jewelry girl--Number 25!!! haaaaaaaaaa Vote before June 30th!!

Thanks for the love and support!!!


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