Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Page Wonder!

Hello all! I want to share my excitement! I had my first project published!

Check out the Spring issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry--my Daring Squiggle necklace is the last project in the magazine. I'm so excited!

This is an easy project that features a couple of great art beads. There's a Happy Bead from Dare Van Vree and a lampworked glass disk from Linden Avenue Studios.

The "squiggle" is probably one of my favorite things because it doesn't take a long time to come up with something fun and pretty. Plus, you can hammer it and make lots of noise!

I'm going to work on a few more squiggle designs and you'll be able to see them for sale in my Etsy shop and in my upcoming Spring shows. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Giddy from Peyote!

Another great product of my weekend was some freeform peyote. And, yes, it has to do with beads and not some sort of specially enhanced meditation. haaaaaaaaaaaaa

One of my artist friends, Susi, came over and we ended up spending hours and hours working around my dining room table. My only request was that I wanted to learn peyote--a technique using seed beads and thread--so I could try something new. Well, we both ended up well into freeform tangents that ended beautifully! I was all over the map and that's good for this sort of project. I only spilled a little bit of wine...

So, waking up after hours of productivity, on Sunday morning I was eager to get back to it so I could come up with my interpretation of moon rocks for another entry into the Del Ray show. Well, here it is...a silvery bracelet featuring moonstone (really, that's what the little white beads are called), mica, quartz, and lots of glass seed beads.

I've always had a thing for lots of texture, so I'm thrilled with the colors and flow of this baby. Now I can't wait to start something else with a whole new combination of colors, textures, and flow!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year...New Moon...

It's time for another exhibit with the Del Ray Artisans and I've been working for weeks on these designs and I'm thrilled to start my new year with them!

The show is called "Nocture: From Dusk to Dawn" which centers on a theme expressing the shimmering effects of light between dusk and dawn. In those minutes after dusk, as I reveled in the moonlight wending its way through my dusty miniblinds, I had tons of bright ideas. I finally settled on clay. I wanted a moon made of clay--a blend of shimmery, opalescent, and silvery tones. Then, I'd mix it with my clouds of silver swirls and sways.

I ended up with about 30 different moons after a few hours of work and each one of them was gorgeous! I had trouble picking my favorites, but ended up embellishing some with texture, trimming some with silver leaf, and giving some of them a shiny glaze. A plain yet elegantly shaded moon paired up with the twists and turns of hammered silver to form the final piece called "Cloudy Night."


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