Monday, May 26, 2014

Simple roadside pretty

The other day I got out the "good camera" and took a ride through the country.  Didn't have any particular goal or shot in mind, but wanted to just escape from reality for a bit and look around.  I am loving the weather here in Charleston, even though it's starting to get a bit on the warm (actually, hot) side.  I saw these weeds as I drove towards Huger and had to pull off and take some better shots.  I started by leaning across the car and aiming the camera out the window but gave that up quickly.  I decided to go ahead and be the jackass who walks around in shorts and sandals in the weeds along the road.  Luckily I didn't see any snakes or gators...not to say there weren't any around!  haaaaaaaaaaaa  I've taken to carrying bug spray and sunscreen in the car regularly, so I was ready on that front.

I think the stop was worth it.  The brightness.  The simplicity.  The harshness of those thorns.  This weed is making the most of it during the limited opportunity it has before the mowers come through or the thistlely (that's my new word of the day) fluff blows away.  Damn.  Not another life lesson...take advantage of every day because the mowers are out there and the breeze could take that fluff any time! 

Go live it up and be beautiful today!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Goodbye Rollback Dude!

When I was 21 I had the brilliant idea to get a tattoo.  I was stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base, learning my trade as a Finance troop at tech school, so I apparently needed to blow off some steam.  Orange is my favorite color and I love to laugh, so what better than an orange happy face on my bikini line.

I'm no longer in my twenties (or my thirties) but I still laughed every time I saw that happy face because it reminded me of fun times and crazy decisions.  Then, someone took a close look at it, if you know what I mean, and decided that it looked like the Walmart Rollback happy face!  I laughed and's still funny to me.  I told him that I'd get it covered up if he paid for it.

So, I redeemed my wonderful Valentine's Day present a couple of weeks ago!  Thank you, Kirk!

It's my design of a funky cool flower that centers on a happy face.
I had a great Friday night with my artist, Joshua Sisk, at Ivory Tiger Tattoo.  He was a little hesitant about the details at first, but he really made my vision shine!  He used my art to create the transfer.

And then he spent about two and half hours with his hands in my pants...haaaaaaaaaa.  Well, not really, but close to it.  For whatever reason, I was feeling all sexy in my early 20's and thought it'd be cool to have it on my bikini line.  So, I had a painful reminder of how sensitive that skin can be after some serious ink art attention.
It has been two weeks and the lines are clear and beautiful.  I'm thrilled with the results and thinking it might need some color in a bit...we shall see!

I'll spare you the detailed picture up close...somebody paid big money to have that privilege! haaaaaaaaaaa

Sunday, May 18, 2014

20/52 Country Ground

Frogs galore.
Just one dog.
Just one bone.
Flying trash ashes.
More dirt.
A big tiller.
A bigger mower.
A long, long day at the office.
Beer-filled cooler.
Work is done.

Friday, May 9, 2014

17/52 - Evening's Moment

The smell of dirt.
The garden is ready for seeds.
A cold beer in hand.
New friends.
A boy who thoroughly enjoys his first day off work.
Goodbye to trash.
Cool breezes moving ashes into the driveway.
Another cold beer.
Another branch.
Crinkling needles.


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