Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Less Work. More Play.

Isn't it about time for a three-day weekend?  Whoo hooo...why, yes, it is!

I've fallen in love.  With Stencils.  And painting with stencils.  And spraying ink with stencils.  And layering with stencils.

I took a class with Dina Wakley up in Charlotte a few weeks ago during Art Journaling Live and am hooked.  After a rough, challenging day at work on Monday, I snuck out early (1730...5:30 p.m.) and planted myself at my painting table for about four hours.  It was perfect!  The piece above is one of the most finished set of pages.  I probably worked on about 25 different sheets of paper or pages all at once just because the palette I had out was so fun to play with.

I find that the more paint I have on my hands the better my piece will progress!
I also practiced planning my color combinations.  I tend to just use what I and orange...but on Monday I experimented with some actual color wheel-based decisions.  Complements are hard since I'm all about making mud, but a little patience actually helps.  I guess I'll just have to keep making more messes, mud and all, to experiment!

Happy Happy Joy Joy


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