Monday, March 7, 2011

The Soup's Pocketbook Effect

The Bead Soup Blog Party posted two Saturdays ago, but I'm still getting through all the blogs.  It's like being at a big fiesta with a lot of people that share common interests and obsessions, so it takes a while to get through reading about new people and making fun connections.

In the process, I keep finding cool new sources for beads and components.  Hence, the "Pocketbook Effect" of the Soup...through all these new blogs I've found a few new bead sources and gone back to some old friends.  I got a bunch of packages in the mail today which made my crazy workaday Monday so much better!

Here's some bead porn...enjoy!

These gorgeous organic diamondy bicones from Artwithheart came in the mail today.
I am absolutely in love.

I saw one of these beaded toggles on Maggie's Soup design, 
so I headed on over to MadMaggieDesigns and picked one up.

This great color combo had me at "hello" when I
skipped upon GlassBeadArt.

My 'Bama girl Juliana's Julsbeads shop had some chartreuse
going on that I couldn't resist

I was strangely attracted to these beads 
called "Strange Attractions" from AnnesGlassJewels.

 This Richard Ronsick pretty from RonsickOriginals came in the mail
today and it's cool from all angles.


  1. YUMMY!!!!! I love all your beads. So sorry about the pocketbook effect... I shall start a support group for you Jen! LOL

    Can't wait to see what you make with all the yummy new beads!

  2. All of them are gorgeous, but I love that last focal the most. Awesome sauce!

  3. You have the coolest eye for color, Miss Jen! I have yet to make my way through all the soup. It might be getting cold but I promised that I would if it took me to Easter!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Oh, that last one looked like a fish kissing me! Really love the diamond bicones. Awesome pretties.

  5. oooh, strange atractions have me drooling. all wonderful picks!

  6. I can hardly type...I have drool all over the key board! Amazing creations by some very talented folks!

  7. Beautiful! I am off to visit more sites ~ my wallet is dying here. :)

  8. Dang smart phone! I was trying to type, "looks delicious!"

  9. Beautiful beads! Love those bicones! :)

  10. Love them!! Can't wait to see how you use these!!

  11. Just so you feel better--your post led me to these sites, which created a "pocketbook spree" on my end! LOL CJ

  12. You just made me buy beads!! I had to get a set of the bicones for myself (luckily, there was a set for sale!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing! I couldn't even get through it that quickly, I had to stop to stare at that beaded toggle for awhile! I'm so going to buy one.

  14. I'm still hoppin' too! I admit I have acquired a few new goodies from the hop as well!

    Love what you picked out.

  15. I got a beaded toggle, too! And I agree -- I spent a lot of money during the hop!


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