Sunday, September 19, 2010

Screaming in Barnes & Noble

I thought this October issue of Bead Trends would be out soon, so yesterday morning I strolled into B&N to check and there it was!!!  Big as ever...with my earring design on the COVER!!!  haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  I screamed and laughed and then ran to the counter to thumb through it while waiting for my pumpkin spice latte (with skim milk, no whip, for my weight-watcher supporting friends...haaaaaaaa).  I was so wound up that I practically threw the money at the lovely girl ringing me up and then buzzed away from the counter.  Yes, without my coffee.  I was over at the DVD section paying for the season of CHiPs that I had to have (because my friend Brandee--also known as "Kelly"--and I--also known as "Susie"--used to actually live out our own episodes of the show with our boyfriends, Ponch and John; until we caught them cheating on us!) and I realized as I was telling this poor checkout guy about my magazine cover that I didn't have my coffee.  Another screaming laugh and I ran back to the other side of the store and there it was patiently waiting for me.

There were only two copies, so I got one and then my bead-store-owning bud, Joanne, went over and got the other.  We were giddy all day...including through a totally awesome class I taught all afternoon!  (More on that later...memory wire is all that.)

I have to give a little a little shout out to Forest Flower Jewelry--that's where those lovely leaves came from.  I picked them up a couple of years ago at the Occoquan, Virginia, Arts & Crafts Show.  You can find all sorts of pressed flower & leave pieces at their website.

I'm off to have some home-brewed pumpkin spiced coffee, work on my first nap of the day, and get some beading on.  Happy Autumn!!!!!


  1. Jen, No wonder it appeared on the cover! These are great ... and utterly perfect for this time of year. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulation, Jen!!! I can picture you at B&N screaming. You are one crazy woman! I miss you so very much!!! We're at the beach this week. REALLY wish you were here!

    D. Palmer

  3. Congratulations! I would've screamed and bought both copies. : )

  4. That is just SO COOL!!! And the earrings are exquisite; thanks for the inspiration and especially for the link to the website -- I've been wanting to do a leaf necklace lately and now I know where to get the goodies. Congratulations!

  5. Whoa! Congratulations! your joy is infectious. Happy Sunday!

  6. Congrats!! No wonder the screaming!...Fabulous earrings! Lucky B&N doesn't carry Bead Trends anymore:(

  7. Congratulations!!!!! Great earrings, you are amazing!

  8. I am just jumping up and down with excitement for you! It is like the best gift ever to be featured on their cover. I love Bead Trends and I can't wait to see this issue! Enjoy the day!

  9. Gorgeous! How exciting to see your work on the cover! I can't wait to get my copy...I think I am in there somewhere.

  10. Congratulations! I think you could have sprung for the whipped cream in celebration.

  11. What a shock not knowing you were on the cover and then seeing it. How exciting!! Congrats!

  12. CONGRATULATIONS on the cover, Jen!!! That is BIG news! I will be on the lookout for this issue...unfortunately for some reason I've been having a hard time finding Bead Trends lately. The earrings are just gorgeous. I love your blow by blow account of your B&N experience! I love pumpkin spice latte too, btw!

  13. Gorgeous!!! and on the cover! You are so amazing!! I can just imagine the scene at B&N. HAHAH!

    Love you,

    From your uninspired, non-creative, black & grey loving, boring sister!!!


  14. Congrats! That is so cool! And beautiful earrings!

  15. Jenn, you crack me up! I'm doing a happy dance for you right this very moment... How wonderful that your gorgeous creations grace the cover. FRAME IT girl!

    I too love autumn... mainly for the pumpkin spice lattes! :) Ahhhhh, bliss!

    Keep doing what you're doing dear! You inspire us all!


  16. Yay you! I love those leaves -- I just worked up all the ones I bought in the spring into earrings, too! Aren't they awesome!

    Screaming some more for you!

  17. I am so totally behind in reading my favs. Yes you! Jen you sound so much like me. That is how I would react. I have got to go to B&N now to get my copy. I absolutely love those earrings.
    @Designs by Dawn Marie, Frame it is a great idea.

  18. That is so awesome...your jewelry is amazing! We just went to the Occoquan, VA Arts & Crafts Festival last weekend! :) Let us know if you're ever through Woodbridge--would love to see you!


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