Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beading Contest: Happy Mango's Trash to Treasure!

 "Green Mango Tree" Image from Happy Mango Beads

I got this contest email yesterday from one of my favorite on-line sources:  Happy Mango Beads.  They've put out the challenge to Go Green with

This immediately made me think of my bud, Susi D., and her Artsy Fartsy jewelry...I haven't seen her in ages so I hope we'll reconnect with this inspiration!!  We met at a
We met at a Del Ray Artisans show as I was ogling her fun, funky, amazing beads!

She makes them out of plastic from her recycling bin!!!  LOVE IT!!

Anyway, I is early this morning and I'm only a half a cup of coffee into my morning process.

Back to business:  Happy Mango Beads is having "Trash to Treasure" beading contest.
"Recycle, Repurpose, Rebead"

Click on the link to get the full set of rules, but the deadline is 15 September.

Here are the entry categories...

Trash to Cash - paper, plastic, bottle caps, etc.
Compost Happens! – natural, organic, sustainable
Is that my old windshield? – recycled glass

Heavy Metal – metals, old keys, interesting parts
No Earlybirds! – yard sale/second-hand finds revamped
I'm not a dang hippie, I just want to enter this contest! – trashy elegance

Sounds like a fun challenge to me...gonna break out some of those funky recycled glass art beads I have!


  1. Thanks for promoting our contest! We appreciate it!

  2. Jen, Thank you for sharing Susi's recycled jewelry. The concept and execution are fabulous, and good on her for doing that.

  3. Hi Jen! Love those colorful beads!! Thank you for the contest info. I am pretty sure I could fit into the "I am not a dang hippie, I just want to enter the contest category" So relieved they have that category!! LOL


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