Thursday, September 9, 2010

Luscious Lori Lochner...

It's amazing how excited I get over little pieces of glass.  But, they're more than that...they're sweet little hand-made wonders!  I got a couple of new beads in the mail today from two artists I haven't seen before, but I'll share more on them later.  For now, I want to go back a ways to an Etsy purchase I made ages ago from lampwork artist Lori Lochner.  It's just a gorgeous, big, bold bead that made it's way onto my worktable. 

The vein of blue through the soft floral patterns called for this great shape of blue apatite.  Then, a bunch of pretty oranges--ceramics and stones rounded out the color picture.  I've been trying new methods for creating bails and I just love the way this leather piece turned out.  The continuation of the leather around back finishes up the design.

Of course, I had to move onto bracelet land with my memory wire at hand...lots more apatite, this time little faceted beads, along with ceramics, stones, and a few HMB Studios glass discs to complement the big glass focal.

I just listed the whole set in my Etsy shop...even threw in a little pair of coordinating earrings.  :)


  1. Gorgeous pieces! I just love how you used the leather cord!

  2. What a gorgeous focal bead. It would work well for this month's ABS challenge. Love the orange and Apatite teal blue combination.

  3. I love the bead/beads and the piece is beautiful.

  4. Just gorgeous, Jen! That lampwork focal is amazing!

  5. A beautiful collaboration between you and Lori! Love the bracelet especially ... but then again, I'm a bracelet person! Great work!

  6. Stunning! This is a magazine submission if ever I saw one!!

  7. these are fabulous..
    leather cording is one of my favorite additions to a necklace

  8. Wow, that set is spectacular! I love the way you hung the focal bead on the leather.

  9. Don't you just LOVE her? She's been a longtime favorite of mine. You did sublime justice to her beads!


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