Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yellurple & Pullow Treasury

I was in a bead shopping mood tonight but don't really need to buy anything, so I "window" shopped on Etsy.  I picked purple for my January color and bright yellow because this week's photo challenge with Amy means I have to find some yellow to shoot!

You can go to the treasury and see these artists...lots of wonderful handmade beads!


  1. Oh that's lovely! Long time ago, my sister--who loves yellow--and I who can't live without purple--shared a room. People thought we were nuts when we painted our room lavendar and light lemon yellow.

  2. Gorgeous eye candy! I love the yellow/purple combination!! Great treasury!

  3. Really nice color combo!! You make me want to go buy them all!! I am actually going to check out a bunch of them.... Thanks!

  4. This is gorgeous Jen, love how you've got the colours flowing from yellow to purple! I visited your blog the other day but I got so distracted looking at these beads on Etsy that I forgot to come back and comment!

    Hope you can join us in the moodboard challenges :)


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