Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On the Table: Copper

I'm doing the morning routine:  English muffin, coffee (fresh today, not reheated like usual), Morning Joe on TV, and blog checking.  This is after I've snoozed for too long and am now running a little late...guess I won't have time to shave my legs this morning because my blog buds have reminded me that it's Wednesday!  That means it's time to show off some work in progress on the bead table.  I actually have something in work, so that's a good thing!

BTW Working with Copper
There aren't a bunch of beads involved in this one.  I'm working my piece for the ABS January Challenge and it's turning into a one-focal-bead piece with lots of other copper textures thrown in...a little leather, a little ribbon, and lots of chain.  Oh, and 48 different pairs of pliers stacked around the place!  haaaaaaaaaa

I was taught well by my wire mentors, Jeanette Ryan & Kerry Bogart, that practice is key...hence, the stack of practice pieces.  It's probably time to send them in for recycling.
Wire on the Table - Copper Scraps

I have to get to work and see if my piece of the Dept of Defense is the part that's going to be downsized.  :)  In the meantime, here are other bead tables around the world on this rainy Wednesday morning:  The BTW Flickr Group.


  1. Shaved legs are overrated (he-he)...sorry, I'm still working on my morning java. Hope to see your ABS entry and that your day goes your way! Good luck!

  2. Recycling wire? Sending it in to where??? I HATE throwing away wire because I've used it for practicing but it's still good--just needs unbending and uncrimping. :D

    Hope your department isn't downsized. I know several people are worried.

  3. The chain you are making looks amazing! I can't wait to see the finished piece.
    Good Luck at work today, fingers crossed!


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