Friday, January 14, 2011

Bright Yellow Posie Poses

The Rebel's adventure for the week was to find BRIGHT YELLOW.  I'm still working on macro challenges with my Copper Diem friend, Amy. 

uckily, my sweetie Curtis sent me a big flower arrangement that had some big yellow posies that were perfect for the shoot.  I kind of tore the flowers up and out of the basket to get them posed the way I wanted and lighted the right way, but I think he will appreciate that I was able to put them to good use!
Here are a couple of the blossoms laying out on the denim pillows from my fave old couch that we don't have any more.  I like the close-up shot; the macro setting on the camera seems to give me the best results.  I have to learn more about the aperture adjustments and then work on taking pictures before it's all dark in here in the evenings.

January Macro - Yellow Resting

And here's a similar shot with a little different composition.  I like the touch of orange from the curtains in the background. 

January Macro - Yellow Fleurs

I didn't really like any of the other posie poses that included the other colors in the basket, so these are the ones I'm standing by this week.


  1. The shots are fantastic! I especially like the first one, I like how up close the shot is and all the details in the flowers.

  2. Well those are pretty mums! Wonderful shots.


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