Thursday, January 6, 2011

Coast to Coast Challenge with Amy F.

The other day when I posted about my new camera I got lots of great comments and encouragement--thanks!  One note, though, from Amy F. at Copper Diem got me thinking...she said that she's been so focused on her day job and making jewelry that she's let her photography fun fall by the wayside.  So, I asked if she'd be interested in a little challenge so we could work with each other to learn, practice, and be inspired.  I heard back from her today that we're on!

The plan:  use the Art Bead Scene January challenge color scheme for inspiration--there's purple buried in there, so it'll be a great way to find interesting and exciting color combinations.

We're going to focus on macro shots--these are really up-close pictures.  Bead and jewelry shots will be a certainty, but food, flowers, and other organic subjects are also going to be big players.  I think some textiles and textures will be fun, too.

Since we still both have to work and make jewelry, we're shooting for a weekly post to share.  Plus, we're going to use flickr to share--once there's pics in there, I'll hook up the links.

It's going to be hard without a macro lens.  Amy's lucky enough to have one--she saved up for it and, to quote her, "LOVES to pieces!"  I'm going to focus on my aperture adjustments and my baby Rebel's standard macro setting.

Here's another shot of the palette from the ABS post.  I love that the purple is called "strikemaster." 
If you want to play along, feel free...nothing super-organized, just leave comments to share posts!


  1. Isn't that the most awesome inspiration piece!? I hope I can find time to play. And I love your little challenge. I have to get more use out of my camera and having a macro would be the sweetest thing on the planet. It will be fun to see what you do!
    Enjoy the day, Jen!

  2. You guys are going to have so much fun with that challenge and I can't wait to see the pics that come out of this. Have a lot of fun, especially with this months ABS Challenge colors, the colors are so great!

  3. I wanna play!! I love the January Art Bead Scene inspiration piece. This sounds fun.


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