Monday, January 3, 2011

Colour Spark

New year, new idea.  Well, I've had many, many ideas in the last couple of days, but haven't done much of anything other than spend quality couch time.  Apparently I have to write things down on a list with little squares on them to check off as I get them done.  I put some notecards in my purse to be ready in case of inspiration. 

But, on a bit of follow-through, I'm going to attempt to follow a little blogging theme this year.  I want to learn more about color, which I pronounce in some weird way as "keller" so I'm going to pick a color to focus on each month.  I like the exotic extra vowel in the word "colour" so that's the option I'm going extra "u" with lazy diction.   Since I settled in with this pretty purple background, that's how it's going to start. 

Purple...there are tons more ways to express that color, but I don't want to waste all that verbiage in the first "Colour Spark" post.  Here's what I'm thinking...color combinations that use purple, other artists that feature purple, art beads in purple...mind you, it won't be purple every day, but I'm excited to have a little focus.

Here's my first installation.  This little optical treat came out of a pile of memory wire rings that I cut up to make wine-glass charms.  My mom gave me a big pile of them with a cute random assortment of beads for Christmas.  Now I'm all obsessed with making my own and coming up with a class to teach over at Bead Haven.  I had a huge bunch of ring-sized memory wire and was actually able to find it in my bead room.  I sat in front of the TV watching Modern Family (thanks to my friend, Brandee), cutting single wire loops, and then turning little loops on one end of each of them.  It was a good way to spend the I have about a hundred loops...and about a hundred pictures of piles of loops!  haaaaaaaaaaaaa

I just had a little karmic reinforcement...on Modern Family they're on vacation in Maui and Cameron and Mitchell are going to the lavender farm.  It's not as funny as Big Bang Theory, but close!  haaaaaaaaa


  1. shouldn't you have watched "Purple Rain"? :D

  2. Ah, this is just too weird or karmic or whatever. I have been looking at your background for a wee while now going, I love that purple, it's smoky, it's almost lavender, it is perfect. So I think purple is just meant to be the first in your theme. It does mix with orange you know. This is a great idea and I'll be looking forward to your colour exploration. BTW, I spell it with that weird extra vowel and pronounce it with a hybrid Aussie accent.

  3. I love "quality couch" time and purple! Looking forward to seeing your exploration in colour...Happy New Year!

  4. Great colour and great plan for the New Year. I look forward to seeing what you create.

  5. My daughter pronounces it the same way!


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