Saturday, January 22, 2011

Judy's Bead Soup

Judy's Bead Soup, originally uploaded by jenjuddrocks.
Here's a little shot of the soup that I sent to my partner, Judy. I'll let her explain everything that's in there, but you can see the color families I chose. I think they'll be great with her etched copper and funky wire and metal style.

Plus, I pulled out some glass beads from an old
Bead Soup friend...okay, she's not old, but the party happened way back in 2010. Think Julianna Cannon...the girl with the shiny shack. That's one of the most fun things that happened for me because of these soup adventures. I got to visit Juls in person while I was living in Alabama and she actually let me near her torch! I melted my own glass for the first time! The ones I sent to Judy are actually Juls' work, not my sad attempts, she's getting the good stuff. haaaaaaaaaaa


  1. I just received all of that beady goodness yesterday...omg what a stash! I am so inspired and can't wait to get creating. This will be so fun!!!

  2. YAY! You're back! I thought we'd lost your blog!

  3. Hey Jen V.! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love the colors in your soup! Can't wait to see what your partner makes! Hope your hubby is back now safe at home. Mine is over there now...he gets home in April. Can't say it enough...thank you both for your service!!!


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