Monday, January 24, 2011

Sharon B. D'Stash

I have too many beads.  I love them all, but I think the overwhelming options are becoming a hindrance rather than a help.  I sit down at the table and can't focus on just one thing.  

I love touching them all and counting them all and rearranging them and then pouring them on the table and then picking them all up again.  With the new Rebel, it's all about trying to take good pictures of them.  Nice.  I actually pull out bunches to photograph and don't even think about putting them together into some sort of project.  It's a strange impulse, but I'm going with it.
In the moments before falling asleep a few days ago I was thinking of how I could deal with the beads.  I have become more of a bead person than a jewelry person, so what can I do with them?  Can I sell them?  Other people sell things like this on Etsy, could I?  I like to think I have good taste in beads, can I come up with good bunches that other folks might want?
Sharon B. De'Stash is my new alter ego...she's going to be my destashing diva and she'll be helping me post things in my Etsy shop to share my excesses.

This bunch is listed in my Etsy shop.
Since this is the month of purple, it's all about the purple beads this time.  :)  I have one big mixed up bunch listed and then will have a few smaller batches with single styles. 

Thanks to Cindy for helping me out already!!  Sharon B. D'Stash thanks you, too!!  haaaaaaaaa


  1. Is everyone going through the destash-declutter-dejunk mode? I put a few of my destash beads up in my Etsy store. Good Luck!

  2. Your new shop looks like fun. I totally hear you about the bead collecting and not so much the jewelry making! :-) Lately all I'm focused on is antiquing, I've been thinking of opening a non-jewelry shop myself! Your photography is excellent, Jen...looking good!!

  3. That looks like a preyty awesome Bead Soup. Just sayin'.


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