Monday, January 10, 2011

Overly Expressive At Work

One of my folks was taking pictures during a luncheon today and caught this shot.  Apparently I make this expression when something doesn't make sense or someone has done something I think isn't all that smart--which must happen frequently.

We were saying goodbye to a boss who's on her way to Germany and she said that she was leaving the office in the good hands of a "crack pot of folks" to which everyone remarked that I was the main crackpot of the bunch.  haaaaaaaaaaaaa  I'm so proud.  :)

At least I got a bigger desk today...the restructuring of all the modular cubicle furniture is almost done.  So, I have to give credit to the captain who took this picture because she's also taking care of all the new furniture drama.  :)


  1. You are too funny, Jen! I think that you would be a delight to work with!
    Enjoy the day, and the new larger work space!

  2. Precious! The look just completely says a thousand words.

  3. Ha that is a great picture! Stopping by to say I am glad you are in the Bead Soup. Can't wait to see what you create.

  4. Your picture is priceless! Speaks volumes lol!

  5. You. Are. Awesome.

    While that pic doesn't capture your girly prettiness~ it TOTALLY captures your fun spirit!


    And congrats!

  6. I think you have too much fun at your job! This picture is proof that you do!

  7. That is a wonderful picture. From your blog, it seems you have a great sense of humor and that pic shows it. Question for you - what kind of headpins are used in your braclet pic at the top of the blog - they are wonderful? Thank you.


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