Monday, January 17, 2011

Playing Wire Freestyle

I joined the Bead Haven team at a show on Saturday at the Hampton Convention Center.  It was a long, long day as shows tend to be, but I got to be the demonstrating designer of the day, so I got to sit most of the time!  haaaaaaaaaa

I spent most of the time on crimping and stringing since it was easier to have those supplies, but there was also some wire coiling and wrapping on the schedule.
I haven't done much with wire like this lately because I usually use sterling silver and that is just waaaaay too expensive to play with nowadays.  But, I picked up some 16g plated wire that Joanne, my BHBF (Bead Haven Boss & Friend), keeps in stock for people like me to try.  I was afraid it would be too hard and my pliers would dig into the finish too much, but, as it turned was just fine!  And, I just sort of went freestyle, added some coils, and came up with some pretty funky designs.

I'm kind of excited to try some more--especially with the gold-tone metal since I did up a quick swirly pair for Margo, the third member of the team manning the booth on Saturday.  I was surprised at how nicely they finished up!  I wouldn't say I have my groove completely back, but it feels good to come up with something new and unique, that's for sure.  :)


  1. You got your groove girl! Very cool earrings!

  2. Totally digging the freestyle, Jen! That suits you to a "T"!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. These are funky and cool! I like them and would wear them on my funky cool when I have to show up for jury duty. Or my first day of class to throw off my students. :D

  4. Love them! Funky and totally wearable. Awesome.


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