Friday, January 21, 2011

Lori's Giving Away Letters

For those of you out here in Bead World, Ms. Lori Anderson is probably a name you know...she's the master of the Bead Soup Parties and is even going to be writing a book about them!  The latest BSP garnered over 200 participants, so Lori has been losing her mind with spreadsheets, email, and overall managing a whole bunch of creative minds.  I can't even manage my own creative mind, so I give Lori big kudos! 

To celebrate the party and share a generous donation, there's a GIVEAWAY over at her Pretty Things blog.  PJ Tool & Supply asked her to test out some of their new stamping letter sets--these are steel stamps that are used to mark on metal and she picked a funky-cute font called Ballroom Boogie.  I love all fonts and letters, but this one is particularly cool and it's the lower case.

I think these would be awesome with my metal bangles...I want some!!

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