Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wink in the New Year

My big guy, Brando, has been hanging out with me this morning on the first day of 2011.  He's been listening to me discuss potential goals and resolutions with myself and has actually decided just to roll over and fall asleep because it's not that interesting of a conversation.  haaaaaaaaaa

Big Boy Brando lost an eye in 2010, but he's looking forward to lots of naps and brushing in 2011!
I took Baby Rebel on a Picnik this morning along with my one-eyed sweetie and we had quite a little adventure.  It was a good way to start opening up the creative paths in my mind and start thinking about goals and objectives for 2011.

I'm going to floss my teeth more.  I resolve to do it every year and have actually gotten better.  I think it's because I have been turning more and more into my mother and she always has a piece of floss handy just in case.  Now I have a super-sized package of the finest minty floss with me in my purse, too.

There's probably something more important than flossing that should be a part of the plan...

I'm going to get to know my husband even more.  We only spent about two weeks together in 2010, so it's going to be an adventure when he gets back in less than 45 days.  We may or may not be living in the same city--that's one of the great things about assignments, you just don't know.  But, if things go as we expect, there'll only be a three-hour drive between us.  That's much better than a 9.5 hour time difference halfway around the globe!  Heck, we could even end up living in the same town...keep your fingers crossed.

I'm going to think more.  I'm going to make more.  I'm going to write more.  I'm going to talk to my friends more.  I'm going to sweat more.  I'm going to read more.  All of these things seem reasonable, right?  I think so...on that note, I'm going to finish this writing and go work out and read a magazine at the same time.  How about that for multi-tasking?  Whoo hoo!

Winks and love for the new year from me and my kitty boys...Brando, Frankie, and Curtis, the Night Cat.


  1. Here's to your goals for the New Year. I especially like the one about getting to know your husband better! Go for it!!

  2. hey gorgeous, sounds like a plan to me! Happy New Year sweetie, here's to health, happiness and much love for 2011! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  3. Worthy goals this year! I hope that you can manifest them to bring greatness to your door. And my favorite is getting to know your husband better. I wish that for you most of all (but flossing would be a close second ;-)

    Enjoy the day!

  4. Flossing is good. I love to floss.

    Getting to know a hubby better is such a sweet thing. Even after being married for many years, there's always SOMETHING to learn, you know?

    We HAVE to get together this year.

  5. Happy New Year Jen! I hope 2011 brings you closer to your husband and some very clean teeth!! Love reading your blog, you make me laugh every time :-)


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