Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Raptor Leaf

Driving onto base the other day, as I handed my ID card to the security guard, an F-22 Raptor took off just to the left of the gate where the runway ends.  It was really loud and really cool.  I was distracted as I drove through and watched for the other jets taking off behind the first.  I managed not to crunch into the car in front of me, but the sound of jets is an awesome way to start the morning--even though I wasn't really looking forward to taking my bed-headed self to the gym.

I had a great workout, but realized that I left my towel in the car.  Luckily I realized that fact before I took off all my clothes--that's happened a few times before and putting sweaty clothes back on isn't really that pleasant.  Well, as I walked out to the car, I looked down and saw a little leaf on the ground that looked just like a jet!  It was a little Raptor Leaf!  Luckily my Rebel Baby was in the car because I was taking it to work to document the tearing up of cubicles (in a good way).  So, there I was...on the ground trying to get an artfully macro shot of this leaf that looks like a plane.  I was probably at it for about five minutes before I realized that I really needed to get the towel and actually get dressed and go to work.

If you're not really thrilled with the Raptor Leaf, here's an actual F-22 pic...just for comparison.  Try not to get too excited, they're only worth about $150M each.  Compare that to my leaf which is priceless!  haaaaaaaaaa


  1. Great shot - love the soft foreground. email me - wanna do a challenge in Jan?

  2. . . . natur is a powerful and amazing inspiration ;)))

  3. Love the shot of the "raptor" leaf! Awesome!

  4. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one stooped down that close to the ground with a camera. Fortunately, I can't see the looks on peoples faces as they pass by.


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