Sunday, January 9, 2011

Perfectly Macrolicious Sunday

It was just about a perfect day.
I got to talk to Curtis.
I took a great nap.
I had leftovers from a yummy dinner I cooked last night.
I got a pretty pink pedicure
I saw and purchased a new jacket at Chico's at a major discount.
I caught up with my friend, Alicia.
I got six loads of laundry done.
The only bad part is that I had to drink three-day old coffee (that's the max I go in old coffee, I swear) this morning.

It's my turn to meet my end of the challenge I have with Copper Diem Amy, so here are my picture experiments while trying to take macro shots.  They're all out in my Flickr stream.  Since the inspiration is the ABS Challenge painting, I decided to go dig for some beads that could turn into something good.  Lo' and behold, I have the PERFECT Lisa New lampwork focal.  I'm so excited!  Anyway, here are my shots...

January ABS Challenge Colors

These are my favorite out of about 20 shots.  Normally I'd have to take a lot more, but in the process of manipulating the camera and little tripod around, I was starting to get pissed because I dropped the camera on the floor twice.  Nothing broken or damaged, but I had to take a break and then the sun went down and my light source went out. 

January ABS Challenge Colors

I can't wait to put this whole bit together. I was reading the latest Belle Armoire Jewelry and have lots of idea.


  1. Beautiful! I'm learning how to use macro shots myself so this is great inspiration!

    For the record, I don't have to drink old coffee--it gets drunk up pretty quick in this house or used as meat tenderizer! Or in baked goodies! LOL

  2. That does sound like a great day. So, what should we do next week? any ideas?


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