Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shot for the Week: Frosty

Amy chose the word for our photo challenge this week. 


I really wanted a big cold, icy mug of beer to shoot, but instead I went to the freezer...

January Frosted Peas 471

and found these peas from a month or so ago...all that frost doesn't really make them all that more appetizing.  haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I love the accent on the frost crystals, though, so I still think it was a good composition.

There are some other shots out on Flickr you can check out.


  1. I would never have guessed those were peas, ingenious! I love the frostiness of the peas.

  2. Well now...frozen peas are NOT my favorite thing to contemplate. However, I really like how you captured the unique little ice crystals and the peeling of the skin on some of these. :D


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