Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Gal on the Blog

My three days of wargaming at work are over, so I can finally get back to my creative blog life. 

I'm proud to introduce an old friend of mine who's now joining the crafty/beady/crazy/pretty world of jewelry blogging.  Elisabeth and her business Beads for Busy Gals now have a blog and an Etsy shop!  I have to tell you a bit about how we know each other...we're both Air Force officers and when we were junior officers a few years ago (haaaaaaaaaa) we were blessed to be stationed at Randolph AFB in lovely San Antonio, Texas with some of the coolest girls around!  The picture below is from around 2000 and since then, these classy gals have in their own ways become Air Force leaders, retirees, moms, and overall high-speed amazing. 
In the photo, there's Tracy, Abbie, Julie, Val, Susan, me, Stella, Elisabeth, and Heidi.  This family of girls and a few others who didn't make it out for Japanese that night have provided an amazing amount of mentorship and support as we've all grown through our careers.  If any of you understand rank structures, at this time, we were lieutenants and captains (O-2 & O-3) and now several of the girls are colonels (O-6) and in command of huge units!  How cool is that?! 

And if you want to see a uniformed pic, Elisabeth and I are in mess dress for a big function back around 2000...look at those little bars!  It makes me feel a little old to be looking at these pictures, but, alas, my own retirement is just around the corner!!
I guess I should get down to the jewelry biz here...Elisabeth and I met up for Bead Fest Wire up in Philly in April and I showed her how to spend serious cash in only minutes.  haaaaaaaaaaa  She's exploring different styles and materials and having a blast with it, so I highly recommend that you check out her work and give her your support!!


  1. Jen, I had this funny vision of you wearing some outrageous jewelry with huge beads with your mess dress! This blows me away, to think of wargaming one moment and beading the next. Talk about ends of the spectrum! Thanks for sharing this ... I really enjoyed your post!

  2. Wonderful! so proud of all you ladies. I will check out Elizabeth's blog and shop.

  3. I know you've got some bling hidden underneath all of that glory! Thanks for the great post!


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