Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Life in the Round

It's a cappuccino with a smiley face.  At least that's what the barista told me. haaaaaaaa  Maybe that's what people see when I laugh really loud.
 It's the most delicious curry that you ever did taste, right on King Street in Charleston SC.  Spicy, sweet, creamy, herbaceous and delightful.  Kinda like the perfect day?

How about a Bloody Mary with spicy peppers, beans and okra just waiting for you to finish up the salty deliciousness that goes with the perfect brunch?

Or maybe it's a bucket full of roasted oyster perfection, just waiting to get your hands dirty.  In the middle of a festival with wonderful friends who are there to laugh and cry with you!
 Okay, maybe it's another spicy drink...this one a margarita with some jalapeño.  Thinking about the sweetness in a different way that sort of hurts with every sip.
 Wishing you a big old round of smiles and matter where you are or what you're drinking. :)

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