Saturday, December 14, 2013

Facing it at Starbucks...with a pile of Stabilos and some Christmas Blonde

After experiencing Dina Wakley's creative energy, teaching style, and overall passion for expression, I had to have more.  So, I signed up for her "Facing the Facts" online class.  She is all about tapping into your abilities and stripping away the "I can't draw"filter.  She uses women and faces a lot in her art journal page designs and this course explains "the formula" for them.  

The first video lays out the challenge...draw 100 faces.  Practice with different media, practice with different colors, practice with different sizes, practice with different perspectives.  It's a little daunting, like being directed to practice playing the piano (which was, apparently, sheer torture for me when I was little.)

Today was my first sit-down-and-draw session down at the local Starbucks.  I got to have a big table space all to myself and I used it.  I took a selection of journals that have random, assorted backgrounds or colors tossed on them.  Dina's "magic pencil" is the Stabilo All pencil.  It's flippin' amazing.  I bought every color they had at my new favorite art store downtown--Artist & Craftsman Supply.  I just discovered this shop and could camp out in there for days.  It's amazing.  But, more on that some other time.  Today it's about the faces.  My first out of the chute... 
She has a kinda long neck, but I still like her look.  The black and yellow makes me happy.
 I went with the grey pencil and like the softer look.  Tried coloring the eyes, too.  
 I started getting bolder with the crazier backgrounds.  I also worked on getting her to smile more.
 Rockstar coffee drinker diva...
I'm ready for more.  Tonight I'm working on more collages that I imagine having done in time to mail for Christmas.  Uh, yeah.  It's probably not happening.  I realized I have 18 different canvases/boards going right now.  I probably need to shove some aside so I don't feel quite so overwhelmed.  Multiple works in progress is a good method, but having them covering every surface probably isn't the point!  haaaaaaaaaa

I think my Christmas resolution is going to be more blogging. I miss my blog friends!  


Jenny J.


  1. Love you. Miss you. I think all your girls look like you. Maybe I'm really missing you.

  2. Love you. Miss you. I think all your girls look like you. Maybe I'm really missing you.


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