Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Needed: A Mess

I'm feeling a little stressed out lately.  Has made me exhausted during the day and sleepless during the night.  It'll pass, eventually, since it's all about getting ready for my move to Charleston.  In the meantime, I have a bunch of work projects that I want to finalize and time will run out before I get things done.  So, after making it through today, complete with a nap at lunch and some minor progress on a few of those work projects, I wanted to craft it up tonight.  

I needed color and mess.  And I succeeded.

I was trying to get through all of February without buying any crafty art supplies, but I needed some stencils.   Yeah.  I used the right word:  need.  Not want.  haaaaaaaaaaaa

I tried a few pages in my art journals.  I've been playing in a few sizes and love the way these look.  There's so much potential
I found the little bottles via amazon.com.  They'll probably get all clogged up, but whatever.  I used them at least once! 
I tried a few different water-based products.  I think the dye-na-flow is nice and bright, but the India ink is still my favorite.
The mess is fairly well cleaned up.  Now it's time to power down and really relax.  There are still three days of work to get through.  haaaaaaaaaa


  1. Oh, I didn't know you were moving to Charleston. Hope it is a great move for you..we will miss you in this neck of the woods! Loving all your paper "mess" and you!

  2. Personally, I not sure there's any better way to power down from stress than to get out the crafty stuff, especially if you've got music on. I didn't know you were moving to Charleston. It's meant to be a really great city. Good luck with the move.

  3. Love the pages and all but i can't get past the Moving to Charleston, Wha??? When did this come about, you haven't said a word! You'll have to write and fill us all in. I hope we will still see you in Va Beach?? I will miss you here!


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