Saturday, June 25, 2011

Artisan Clay Design Team Reveal: Smoke & Stones

Artisan Clay Design Team reveal day was's the last Friday of every month.  I didn't realize until yesterday morning that the it happened to already be the last Friday in June.  Nice.  I thought I had another week!  Oh well, it gave me an excuse to get up early this morning after a bit of an "extra social" evening celebrating at my promotion party.  I got to enjoy some yummy coffee with skim milk (because the creamer is gone) and get my Artisan Clay inspiration on...this lovely smokey donut was my starting point:
It looks similar to the piece I worked last month, but I love that design concept so much that I figured I'd keep with it but go with the neutral smokey tones and add some complementary stones.

I actually spent more time stringing the bracelet strands because I kept rethinking how I wanted to arrange the lights and darks.  I dug into the stash and used some Beadalon crimp ends that I've had forever.  I found a lot of great stones that would work with this smokey theme...
Many thanks to Kristie for the great piece and for being understanding of my calendar challenges.  :)


  1. Gorgeous, I love that smokey focal!! And what are those tiny little stones, I love them??? Kristi
    I hope I don't have to post anonymous forever :(

  2. Awesome design, totally love the graduation of your stones around the focal. Again, congrats on the promotion! Heading off to see the other entries.

  3. Oh, you clever girl! I love the way you framed that donut with the graduated color on those outer beads. Brilliant!
    Enjoy the day!
    P.S. Mucho congratulations Miss Jen!

  4. Just GOPRGEOUS!!!!! Love that outer ring makes the whole necklace what a great idea !

  5. How many ways can I say how incredible your jewelry is? Just amazing!


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