Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Having Goals Might Work - Weekend Productivity

I woke up early on Saturday morning all set to enjoy some coffee, the sun streaming in the windows, and get to making!  I was trying to focus on my June goals, so there were a few different plans, but I ended up really working on summertime pieces.  I haven't taken the time to photograph them all yet, but wanted to share a few shots of the working environment.

Here's what my bead table looked like when I started.  Uh, how many pliers do you need to have right there at hand?  I apparently refuse to put the orange beads away even though I know I haven't used them in weeks--they're just so pretty!  There are ribbons and leather scraps all over the place, too, because I keep wanting to put them in a design and then they end up unused.  I apparently won't put them away either--they're pretty, too!
Since one of my goals this month is to actually sell some things, I spent some time working on more descriptive tags for each piece that can help explain the magic of handmade and give credit to the various bead artists that I love.  It was a bit painful making the labels and cutting and such, but it was a great excuse to finally download Word for my Mac--thankfully I work for the government so I was able to get Microsoft Office for only $10.  :)  Sorry to rub it in, but it's a happy thing!  Here's a tray full of sets of summertime--most of them are leather/suede-based because I found some luscious soft cord on a recent Hobby Lobby stop.  I'm proud to say that all feature beads by blog friends/artisans from around the country!  There's Sue, Genea, Barbara, Heather, Anne & Cherie on this tray.
You can also see a little bit of another June goal peeking out from under the tray...the instructions for my Weight Watcher points counter!  haaaaaaaaa  So far, so good!  I actually ran last night and am getting set for more PT with my unit this morning.  Actually, now that I'm checking the time I should probably get ready to go.  Sad...I'd rather sit here and play blog-girl all day; alas, I will go sweat in the most unflattering PT gear ever with all of my co-workers and then go try to solve the AF's biggest problems from my little office at the end of all the cubicles.  Whoo hoo!
Oh, one more thing I have to share:  Frankie.  He is my skittish boy and I got to take him to the kitty dermatologist the other day for allergy testing.  Uh, if you're looking for a nice expensive adventure, I highly recommend it.  I was lucky enough to never have to go through the skin-pricking of allergy testing but now my little one has...look at this poor thing!
He has that "bitch if you try to pick me up I will cut you" look that matches well with his little shaved side.  What a prince!  haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Off to PT.


  1. I'm not normally a cat person, but he's so cute!!

  2. Yeah, Frankie doesn't look too pleased with you right now! Those new summer pieces however are beautiful, love the colors and the handmade beads in them, they should sell quickly. It is my hope to finally get some pix taken today in the sunshine as long as it doesn't get too hot too fast!

  3. Your tray of finished pieces looks very inspirational...I must write up some monthly goals!
    Your poor little cat..hope he will be happier soon.

  4. Frankie's really giving you the stink eye! LOL

  5. Umm, I think I need to show my hubs your work table. Then maybe he'll understand mine a little better! :)
    Poor Frankie, hope they found what he's allergic to. Started the "17 Day Diet" yesterday, so I"m with ya on those goals too!

  6. I love it! The post, your cat (and his look), your work table! I knew we had a lot in common!

  7. Ah! Poor Frankie! I can sympathise, but at least they didn't have to shave me before doing my tests!
    I'm glad I'm not the only one with a messy desk - but isn't it supposed to be a sign of a creative mind?


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