Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bigfoot Brando

It's another Thursday morning so it's another fight for me to get motivated before heading to the gym to meet up with the rest of my unit and workout wearing the most uncomfortable and unflattering PT gear ever.  Then, after having someone in a knee brace run past me commenting that it sounds like I have asthma, I'll stand red-faced and panting wondering how on earth this is so hard and why I'm always hungry.  I'll finish off that adventure in a locker room that only has four showers and 14 people trying to get dressed.   Then, off to work where I'll have a headache the rest of the day.  Awesome!  haaaaaaaa  Here's a little bit of my lazy kitty looking comfy cozy on the couch...thumbs and all.  :)
Bigfoot Brando


  1. And I thought I had it bad! LOL I've never heard someone make working out sound so fun(ny)!

  2. Oh, you definitely make me feel better about my "Jillian Michaels" workout! Love the kitty pic. Recently read that the headache is due to water deprivation. Evidently I lose more water than most people (but not weight) because if I chug about 40 oz after a workout, I don't get the headache!

  3. When the person makes the asthma comment, tell them you have Random Leg-Movement Syndrome and then trip them. "Whoops! There it goes again!" :)


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