Thursday, June 16, 2011

Purple Pieces for a Thursday Morning

I just got back from the track and while I cool down/sit here and wish I didn't have to get dressed for work I just wanted to post a few pics of the summertime pieces I've been working on.  These are two of the purple sets.
Kick-ass purpley-pink faceted magnesite rounds are the standouts here, but there is still some fantastic glass goodness from SueBeads, some vintage glass and some pearls...all finished off with my new leather luv and a steel wire.  I'm psyched about how cool the clasps look 'cause I made them myself!
And, of course, the matching bracelet. 
A four-artist masterpiece:  a Barbara Lewis enameled bead, a Cherie Ranfranz lampwork focal and then a Gardanne enameled pendant...who's the fourth artist?  I'm taking that credit because I'm so proud of my little twisted wire clasp. :0
Another matching bracelet with a Barbara bead and a pretty little glass round from SueBeads all arranged with some leather, brass and steel.  Love this one!

Sh* I'm going to be late...haaaaaaaaaaaaa


  1. I love all this purple goodness! Really nice mix of beads in all of these pieces.

  2. Love all of these! Great clasp ;) Hope you made it on time!

  3. I love those purple pieces, and the clasp is fantastic!

  4. love those! what a great color! i need to get back on the stick with making enameled stuff. been so busy, my kiln is lonely :(

  5. Awesome!!! Love purple anything, and those really rock. You need to be proud, those are great clasps. I like the double circle matching the doubled wire in the hook.

  6. Wow! I love all these...especially that 1st set...yummy purple :)


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