Friday, May 27, 2011

Revealing Fun...on the Artisan Clay Design Team

I showed off a little bit of what I was planning back on Bead Table Wednesday, well it's Friday and that's reveal day.  That means I was up waaay early this morning getting my designs all finished and photographed.  Today is my first day of vacation...we've been planning a getaway to Asheville, NC for months!  Spa...mountains...sleeping in the car...heaven!  haaaaaaaa

Anyway, back to bead business.  Before we can take off I want to show off these pretties because I think they're going to get a lot of wear this weekend.  I'm so thankful that Kristie asked me to be a part of the Artisan Clay design team...helps me be more creative while working with awesome pieces.  This month there are little charms that are a lovely rich green and turquoise.  Kristie wrote a post about them this week on her blog and talked about how much she loves this size and wanted to see how other people would use them.  I tried to keep that in mind with my designs and see what I could come up with.

First off is this piece with a mixed focal and green leather:
I had a blast pulling blues and greens from my stash to mix up with this.  The glass spree and  teardrop headpin are from Genea.  I pulled a few random seed beads and copper wire and chain scraps together with this wooden bar to create a sort of asymmetrical bouquet.
Since I had a pair of Kristie's sweet charms and about 20 minutes before my creative time was up this morning I decided on a quick, simple design that really puts the charm front and center:
Bracelet-sized memory wire strung with some tubing, seed beads and a perfectly coordinated "turtle" turquoise round creates a frame for the pendant and still keeps it simple!  I strung the whole thing on a ready-made leather choker so it was super-easy.  I think this one might turn into a little tutorial since you could really make one up for an outfit before heading out the door!
So, thanks again to Kristie for sharing the goodies...and there are other designs out there for this big Friday reveal so head over to the Artisan Clay blog for links! I have to get ready for a road trip!!!


  1. You are so awesome! Love the second piece.

    Have a wonderful vaca!

    Much love,

  2. Oh, the second is my favorite! Just gorgeousness!

  3. Jen, This is amazing! So very creative!

  4. Just like your name this so Rocks! Wow they are pretty darn wonderful! The top one is my Fave wow.

  5. I love the first one. I wouldn't have known what to do with those extra holes, love the leather. Great idea.

  6. I love them both, the first one is so imaginative, and the second one is a really great use of materials!!!!

  7. Love the color palette! I think her pieces with the glass are so special. I have been hoarding mine hahahaha! I love the inventiveness of that second design, Miss Jen. Very playful and kinetic and inspiring. I have never been a fan of memory wire. You may be changing my mind!
    Enjoy your vacation. Get a facial for me and let me know how it felt. I need to live vicariously through your glamorous life. ;-) I will be working all weekend in anticipation of the Bead & Button. Enjoy the day!

  8. Both pieces are so wonderfully unusual. I especially love the second one (I'm a fool for circles and rings).

    Have a lovely vacation!

  9. I love how you put things together in such imaginative ways Jen! I love the playful feeling I get from your work.

    The first one is my favorite because of the flawless way you used that multi hole piece! That would have left me stumped!
    I do love the second piece as well and think it would be so fun to wear!
    Artisan Clay

  10. Love both pieces - and Asheville is one of my favorite places in the world! Have a great vacation, and get ready for people to compliment those necklaces every time you wear them.

  11. Really incredible - I love them both! Have a wonderful weekend :-)

  12. They are stunning!!! Beautiful!! I love the colors.

  13. Oh these are INCREDIBLE! I love the wonderful mixes of metal, wood, suede, glass and clay! So awesome! I love how your dangles over lap with some wire wrapped and some knotted with cording.

    I love the big open loop of negative space with the pretty crackly clay in the center and turquoise. Wonderful, wonderful pieces!

    xo Genea

  14. WoW! this is so great..super love the second one. . =)

  15. I love both of them! Super creative and beautiful!


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