Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dedication is...

driving 80 miles to the nearest Hobby Lobby because my favorite components and supplies are on sale.
I'm loving my resin lately but in order to do what I want I need bezels.  I'm not ready to start making my own with some sheet metal and a torch (someday I will but I've already burned one hole in my apartment's carpet.)   Plus, I don't want to pay a fortune because, well, I just don't want to pay a fortune.  So, I stalked Hobby Lobby and watched for the sales flyer.  I really want to have a big stash for my upcoming class at Bead Haven so students can buy extras in different sizes and shapes.   The flyer came out on Sunday night and I was in luck!  50% off my faves!  Alas, the nearest store is in Richmond which is up the road about 80 miles or so.  So, I took off from work a little early to try to beat traffic and headed north.  I ended up going in uniform because it took me too long to transition out of the office and I didn't have time to go home so I got a few odd looks as I perused the aisles in my blues--uniforms are normal down here but not so much around there.
I splurged a little since I was already going off the deep end of craftiness and picked up some more of this suede cord even though it wasn't on sale.  I loooooove the color and the softness.  I have pics of some of this in use that I'll share eventually.  This pic is dedicated to my friend, Amy, a fellow bead addict who was drooling over colored leather while suffering from a yucky cold...I sent her a little leather pick-me-up and now she's paying it forward with a giveaway at her Copper Diem blog.

I posted about my June goals back on the 1st and one of them was to go two weeks without buying any crafting supplies...I made it to the 13th which isn't perfect but it's actually better than I thought I'd do!!!!!
Other goal updates:
- I want to work on a couple of tutorial ideas that I have floating around in my brain - nope, still floating around.
- I want to finish a couple more lessons in my Photoshop Elements workbook so I can actually start using it for something productive - no progress; book is still closed on the table.
- I want to sell some beach-inspired pieces to one of the gift shops in my neighborhood - in progress - I created a bunch of pieces and now have some ideas for resin and shell pendants so this plan is still on track.
- I want to leave my office by 1730 every evening - yes!  - Heck, last night I left at 4!!
- I want to lose five pounds - work in progress - last night on my little Richmond adventure I stopped at McDonald's but had a hamburger, small fries and a Diet Coke.  Apparently there's a hamburger meal that's only $2.50--it was a total of 13 PointsPlus which is just about half the day's allotment, but it was damned good and I'm proud that I didn't get a quarter pounder like I normally would have a month ago.  
- I want to get mentally prepared to turn 40 in July - uh, not working all that well but I think that's because I keep finding gray hairs.
- I want to work on a project for Operation Tackle that Bead Stash; the color palette is gorgeous!  Plus it works into my beach-inspiration - not done yet, but I still have time and because it's blue I want to put something together for the 7000 Bracelets for Hope project.
- I want to see if I can go two weeks without buying any beads or other crafting supplies.  OOOOOH, so close!  
- I want to get something together Marcie's Margie & Me palette this month - the suede cord is my inspiration but it's not done yet.

Off to the gym...writing about the five pound goal is a little bitty reminder to get up and move.  


  1. That's one heckuva list and you're tackling it! You go girl!

  2. You mean you don't want to burn and melt the formica counter top with the torch? (Like I did! I can't wait to see how much that one costs me when I finally move! LOL)
    Your stash looks wonderful!

  3. Just love this suede cord. The colors are to die for!

  4. Oh, love all that stash! So, you know I don't have a clue on resin rules, but I was wondering as you make the beachy ones, about a tiny little shell resting on the edge of the bezel. Would it adhere into the resin, or would you need to glue it on afterwards? Can't wait to see the finished stuff. Love the suede cord for the margie challenge. The colors are perfect. I'm back on my weight plan today too, and am actually relieved to be! Now I'm gonna go start my list, I love those goals!

  5. Hahaha remember that movie with Demi Moore and Robert Redford where she's rolling around in the cash? It's like that - but with bezels! LOL I don't even want to tell you but the coupon is good online too! ( my closest Hobby Lobby is about an hour away - why must they play so hard to get? I am totally envious of your stash!

  6. I wish I had a Hobby Lobby nearby. Those are great bezels! I have been hunting them too and pricing all sorts of alternatives. These look really great. And that cord is yummy. I bought that same stash back in December! Thanks for reminding me of it!
    Enjoy the day!

  7. Congratulations! How awesome! Your family must be so proud also.

  8. Boy do I look stupid!! The previous comment was for today's post on your promotion!!
    I must have just missed you at Hobby Lobby - I went over there after work and got some goodies. They did hassle me about the coupon and try and say that it was "no limit" on the price of 1 item. They called someone and they explained what no limit meant. Looks like you really had a good time!!


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