Monday, June 27, 2011

Thai Lunch Macro

I know it's not "Macro Sunday" but I took a couple of shots over the weekend when Curt and I went out for a Thai creamy icy goodness.
And my favorite soup, Tom Ka Gai with a this pretty green cilantro on top.  Cilantro always makes me think of my mom because she hates it--says it tastes like dirt.
I love the mix of colors and textures in these fresh rolls...
And that's the last picture because I got all caught up in my panang curry and forgot about taking any other shots.  I'm hungry.  Shocking.

It's almost my 400th post and my 40th birthday...I've gotta come up with a good way to mark these occasions.  :)  Maybe watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding will give me ideas.  haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  I can't turn it off!  The tulle is unbelievable!!


  1. Bahahahaha!!! Oh I love Thai! YUM!!! I too have been secretly addicted to My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - such a vast discrepency in their dress and their attitudes! I agree they must corner the market on tulle!!! If you need anymore exclaimation points let me know! lol

  2. I just ate and you're making me HUNGRY all over again.
    I'm so glad to see I'm not the only bead blogger who takes pictures of their food. My husband makes such fun of me when we're eating out and I've got to snap some shots before he can dig in.

    Cilantro. . .for YEARS I didn't like it either. I spent a portion of my childhood in Panama and it grew wild in the grass there. So, when the grass was cut the air smelled of cilantro. When I tried to eat it later in life, all I could taste was cut grass. I've gotten over it and LOVE it now.

  3. cool photos! I love thai food!

  4. Yummy. I love Thai food. Great shots. You should consider framing them. I think they have great potential, especially the one with the ice cubes.

  5. Beautiful shots! Now I am hungry. :)

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