Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday - Adventures in Resin

For this BTW I'm back on the kitchen counter...the bead table has too much stuff on it to actually work.   I don't often pore over BeadStyle magazine when it comes out, but this month I was inspired by all the resin projects that were a special feature. My friends at Bead Haven--my local shop here in Hampton--felt the same way, so we decided to put together a little resin play time:  Sunday, 26 June, 1-3 p.m.  I decided to work on some samples of the pendants that are possible using a pre-made bezel and simple things like chips or jump rings or little flower bead caps or wire swirls.  
I had this super-sized bezel that I was able to load up with a variety of chips.
Stony River Pendant
Here's a shot of a variety of bezel shapes and sizes (and depths) plus an attempt at using a bracelet mold:
Experiments with Resin
And here's a closer look at the bangle with the little pink "O"s floating in it.  This piece came about mostly because I mixed up too much resin and wanted to find something to do with it, but I recalled a bracelet idea like this from the's by Sherri Haab.  It's not perfect--there are quite a few bubbles and I wasn't patient enough to wait and put the rings in so they'd actually be centered on a cured layer of resin but I'm still going to sand this baby up and wear it!
Pretty pink rings
So that's my mess of the day.  Luckily I'm not the only one with stuff spread out and working on this Bead Table Wednesday...there are more of us at this Flickr group.  Oh, and if you can come join us on the 26th, give the shop a call and sign up!


  1. I totally totally dig that bangle with the pink rings! Nice work! I even like the rings off-center like that. Coolness!

  2. That bracelet mold is really cool. I'd love for you to talk more about that process. I'm seriously drooling over the bezel further back with the pink circles, and the one next to it with the brass jump rings (?), and the one in front of it with the flower, and, and,.....ok, I just love all of them! :)

  3. I have never really been attracted to resin but I tell you all those projects in the BeadStyle sure have piqued my interest


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