Friday, June 24, 2011

Tackled Stash in Blues

Met another June goal!  Whoo hooo!
I wanted to do a project inspired by Operation Tackle that Bead Stash and those luscious blues.  Well, the project expanded when I saw all those blue beads on my table and realized that I could also make a few blue bracelets in support of The Global Genes Project's 7000 Bracelets campaign.  All my blog worlds collided because this month's Art Bead Scene challenge also featured blues for inspiration to generate some bracelet support, too.   Anyway, here are my tackled bead stash creations:
Tackling the Stash with lots of Blues
Pieces and parts:
~ The necklace features a glass disk from Bronwen Heilman of Ghostcow Glassworks that I picked up probably two years ago and have had it stashed since then.  I used memory wire, clear rubber tubing, deep blue suede and steel wire to highlight the big blue in a circle-y design.
~ The coordinating bracelet is tubing-covered memory wire with some little steel wire twisty beads that I made.  Then I pulled these matte blue stones out to create dangles for the ends--don't know how long they've been in my stash!
~ The matte blue beads let to another bracelet and I wanted to carry the "clear" theme and found these rough quartz nuggets in the stash and made a little focal grouping.  Those beads I've probably had for five years.  Nice.
~ Speaking of five years or more, the big quartz oval piece in the last bracelet has been in my collection for a realllyyyyyy looooong time (and I still have lots more!) so I matched it up with some of that deep blue suede and a handmade steel hook clasp.  I can see more bracelets similar to this in my future.

Here's a shot of the OTTBS palette:


  1. Cool! And now you are getting a boatload of more beads!

  2. This design is super fresh! I love the way you use materials, Miss Jen. That clear tubing is sweet! And those blues are so rich. Enjoy the day!

  3. Yep, Erin is right, that blue just jumps off the computer. Love these designs!!

  4. They are beautiful pieces! I can't pick a favourite, I love them all

  5. I love these and wonder where you find the tubing to cover memory wire. I would LOVE to try that! This is just a great use of it and really sets that blue focal off so well!


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