Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June's Gonna Be Busy

I can't believe it's already June.  Where is time going?  I have lots of things I want to get done this month, so I'm hoping that energy and productivity are on my side in the next few weeks.  
- I want to work on a couple of tutorial ideas that I have floating around in my brain.  
- I want to finish a couple more lessons in my Photoshop Elements workbook so I can actually start using it for something productive. 
- I want to sell some beach-inspired pieces to one of the gift shops in my neighborhood.
- I want to leave my office by 1730 every evening.
- I want to lose five pounds.
- I want to get mentally prepared to turn 40 in July.
- I want to work on a project for Operation Tackle that Bead Stash; the color palette is gorgeous!  Plus it works into my beach-inspiration...
- I want to see if I can go two weeks without buying any beads or other crafting supplies.
- I want to get something together Marcie's Margie & Me palette this month...
See...there is lots to do so I have to get prepped with a good night sleep!  I'm taking Frankie to the dermatologist in the morning and that will take all the energy and productivity of tomorrow...a cat with allergy treatments.  haaaaaaaaaaaaa  I'll see if I can get some photos.  Will be interesting.


  1. Good luck! Especiall with the two week bead diet!!

  2. June is already overbooked for me. Can I do beading at the baseball field? I will be there every single night in June. And that is NOT an exaggeration.
    Enjoy the day!

  3. June is always a busy time! I wish you good luck on the no-bead buying for 2 weeks, that's a hard one. Enjoy the month, I hope it does not pass too quickly! It seems the Summers always just fly right on by....

  4. Good goals! I agree with you, time is zipping by! love those blues by the way!
    amy @ copperdiem

  5. Good luck with your June plans.I am loving all those gorgeous blues..
    Thanks for the photos,

  6. Sounds like you're going to be busy! Looking forward to seeing what you'll making for both Marcie's and Operation... challenges - I will (hopefully) be taking part too :)

    PS good luck on the bead buying, that is DEFINITELY hard!

  7. Two weeks! Five pounds! Best Wishes!

  8. Well, I'm with you on at least 3 of your to do's. But I just hit 47 today, so I can't help with that one! :) Since I'm a homeschool mom with a beading habit, I don't have a "time to leave the office", so I'm out on that one.
    I'm also gonna try Tackles color palette this month, along with Marcie's. Have fun!!!

  9. Thanks for stopping by & leaving such a sweet comment...I LOVE my friends!!!
    Blogging is a place so full of wonderfully supportive & creative people, thank God I found it!! Sounds like you have a creative & busy June...I hope you are able to accomplish everything you have plannned for or at least remeber to feel great about the ones you do get done!!! ;)

  10. My big 4-0 is in July as well, and I'm definitely NOT prepared. :D I love your goals, especially selling some beach inspired work to the local stores and trying to break your bead buying habit. Have a happy, productive June!


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