Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BTW: Starting with Earrings

I've had some random pairs of earrings hanging around on my bead table for a long time now so on this Bead Table Wednesday, I'm sharing progress!  I think I made them back when I lived in Alabama so it must be at least a year since that's how long I've been in Hampton.  My goal has always been to make up a necklace and bracelet to go with each and create a full-up set.  They sit over in a little bowl waiting for me to get inspired.  I know we all have different selling experiences, but I've found that I frequently get asked for something to go with whatever piece I I've gotten better about making things that coordinate.  I try not to get too matchity matchy so that each piece can stand on its own.  Long story short is that I finally got some of these sets done. 

The first pair of earrings that I decided to tackle feature lampwork by Kathy Perras (I just went back to make sure I cited this artist right and figured out I bought these in April of 2010, nice.)  They have a great periwinkle purple and grassy green that I paired with silver and aquamarine.  (I just noticed that both earrings have the nugget on the same side instead of being opposite as I would put them now...will have to go back and switch one around.)
I stayed with the periwinkle color and added some Donna Millard lampwork and a couple of her new vintage tin bead caps then finished it off with a summery green suede cord and my new fave steel wire. 
 I went for a different look with the bracelet and used lots of the aquamarine nuggets to highlight a focal group with more of Donna's glass, a little wood and more vintage periwinkle glass.
 Here's the whole set's listed in my shop now.
The second pair of earrings I decided to work with have a different feeling to them...more earthy with the turquoise and forest green Barbara Lewis enameled rounds.
 This necklace took me off the artisan bead path and over into my semi-precious stones where I picked out this big green garnet nugget for the centerpiece.  It's highlighted with some rolled paper beads, turquoise heishi, a little brass and then steel wire to finish and connect to the smooth brown leather.
 I went with memory wire for a simple bangle with little danglies at the end.
 And here's the whole thing all together which is also listed as a set in my Etsy shop!
Hope everyone's having a great, productive week clearing off the bead tables on this Bead Table Wednesday!


  1. Ok, either you get up before dawn, or you wrote this last night! Those are some screamin' good pieces!! LOVE the colors in both. The earrings really hit me in both sets, maybe because I struggle with earrings so much. :)

  2. So pretty! I love the horizontal focal necklace. I love doing that because it is so unexpected. I am checking out these sources now! You do marvelouse things. So very you! And I like the idea of sets but rarely offer them. Whenever I make something to go with something else, one part sells and not the other!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE these -- the leather, the combination of stones and artisan beads, the colors, all of it!

  4. Lovely collection, I like that you don't do matchy matchy, I try to do that too!!! I need to ask how do you get the lovely wrapped coils on your memory wire bracelets? I have been trying and they don't turn out very well.

  5. Wow - you just blow me away every time! I'm so glad you are my friend so I can look cool just by hanging out with you :-)

  6. You've been such a busy lady! I love it all!


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