Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I've Been Seen at Art Bead Scene

Many thanks to Lori, my Pretty Things friend and a contributor at the Art Bead Scene! 
 She picked my design from this month's ABS challenge, Ophelia, to feature this week!
I have to share the love on this because it's all about the Art Beads!!
- My friend, Sandra, bought the set last week from my Etsy shop!
- Juls' ribbed turquoise glass rounds are amazing
- I just bought a couple more sets of disks kinda like 
that yellow one from HMB Studios.
- I'm going to another Barbara Lewis class in July to learn how to 
make more beads like that blue enameled one in the middle.
- The blue and green disks came from Donna Millard with some amazing little vintage
metal bead caps and now I want to try to make some myself.  I only
cut myself once on the first try.

I need to try to sell some more stuff so I can justify the $ I spent on more artisan goodness this week.  I'll share some bead porn later this week after all the fun little yellow envelopes make it to my little mailbox.


  1. Congratulations! I saw this at ABS ... you go girl!

  2. I loved your take on the inspiration photo and the components you chose were perfect both in color and texture.

    Jen Judd REALLY DOES rock!

  3. What a beauty! I loves it. (Oh, and it looks nothing like macaroni and cheese by the way!!!!) Hahaha! ;)

  4. Way to go girl!! Stunning design, as usual. Love the enameled bead!

  5. Congrats. I saw the post on ABS. Love the earrings.

  6. I saw that!! Love it! Congrats!!

  7. I saw that! Congrats - well deserved!

  8. yay! Gorgeous....that little yellow bead at the bottom just makes it :)


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