Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BTW: Makin' Some Beads

Since I'd generally consider myself a bead "user" more than a bead "maker" I'm thrilled with the results of my first special paper beads and want to share what's on my bead table/kitchen table on this Wednesday update.  I posted over the weekend about the fun I was having with the gorgeous colors in India Ink and just going to town with different palettes.  The last couple of evenings have been kinda late ones at work, so I used sitting quietly at the table playing with scissors and glue as my relaxation method of choice.  Here's my "hint of storm" paper and the resulting beads:
I made just a few beads with some of the papers including a saffron shade, a sunset shade, and a blue-purple shade (that I can't think of a good name for right now...the first thing that came to mind that's blue and purple is a bruise and that's not exactly a good bead name, I'm guessing) along with the stormy rainbows.  It's 0600 and I'm dealing with crappy lighting on the kitchen table but I think they still look awesome.  I have to finish them off with some sealer now that they're all dry.  I may try to list some in my Etsy shop.  :)
I've been wanting to make paper beads since I got my little Paper Bead Girl roller.  I saw the feature for it in BeadStyle magazine in April and found Vicki's little invention in her Etsy shop.  I'm really tickled with how uniform they all came out...I guess using a template to cut the shape actually works, go figure!

There are lots of other tables on display in the Bead Table Wednesday flickr group.


  1. I am impressed. These truly great beads! Love how they come out subtly striped. Stormy rainbow is a great name.

  2. Wow - those beads are fantastic!

  3. Jen, These are just beautiful. I love all 3 colorways, too! Do you put mod podge on to make them shiny or what? There are gorgeous. Congrats!

  4. Very nice - love your color palettes!

  5. Gorgeous yummy colours, and so uniform! The paper beads I used to make as a child never came out as well as yours!

  6. Great job and cool colors.

  7. They came out great!!! yeah bahaha don't you hate when following the damn directions actually works> lol I am a fly by the seat on my pants girl myself - gets me into trouble : P
    Have a happy and safe fourth!

  8. Gorgeous beads!! I love the color. Enjoy. :)

  9. I love making and working with paper beads. There are so many options...wrapping paper, magazines, scrapbook paper, and even printing your own pictures.

    Have fun!!


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